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Valentine's Day


Relive the emotion of your day with a                  that feels like a



We are cinematic storytellers  for the wistful couple, the passionate business owner and the up and coming entrepreneur.  


What sets us apart is not only our training as filmmakers, but understanding the importance of composition, music choice and cinematic editing, and knowing how to weave them together with your story in a way that separates

a film from a video


Storytelling & filmmaking  are not just our business, they're our passion. We exist to create cinematic stories.

Make sure your sound is on!


Why Sea Glass?

Sea glass begins as ordinary shattered glass and, over time is smoothed over by the ocean until each piece is original and uniquely beautiful. At Sea Glass Films and Photography, our mission is to make art that embodies just that. While keeping a consistent cinematic style, we strive to take your story and weave that into the essence that makes your film & photos unique. We exist to create cinematic stories.

Meet Lexie

As you can see, I found my passion for being behind the camera at the age of 2!

Ever since I learnt how to write, all I wanted to do was tell a story.

I went to Canterbury Arts High School where I realized I could turn words on a page into a visual story in photographs or, my favourite, in film. As soon as I got my first camera, I wrote a script, cast and made a movie!


I went to Humber College where I graduated from the

Media Foundations program with a love for film and photography.       

I then graduated from the Film and Television Production program

where I was trained in the art of cinematography, directing and scriptwriting.

Weddings don't have a script, but each of them have their own story, and that's what I strive to tell with my work. Every couple has a unique beginning and a unique story behind tying the knot, and I want to work with you to find the perfect way to tell yours.

... so let's meet and get to know each other. I'd love to hear your story.


3 facts about me



If you’re wanting to be able to relive one of the most important days of your life this is an absolute must! Lexie invests so much time into creating YOUR story, our video is so us and it captures every important little detail of our wedding. We were blown away at the outcome, this is not just a wedding “video” that she creates it a wedding movie! Something you will always be able to look back on. I’ve honestly watched ours dozens of times and I cry each time. Lexie is wonderful to work with and is super easy to get along with. This is more important than expensive flowers or centrepieces this is something you will have forever and something you will be able to share with people for years to come. I am 150% beyond satisfied and would recommend Lexie to anyone and everyone. If this is something you’re on the fence about let me be the first one to tell you DO IT! You will not regret it! Lexie we super appreciate all your hard work and all the time you dedicated into making our video perfect, your passion and talent truly shine through your work.


Valentine's Day



wedding film

& speeches

Deal expires February 29th, 2020