What we're doing to help the environment


The ethical treatment of animals and the environment is very important to us.

To reflect this, we've created a some eco-friendly discounts to encourage our couples and clients to choose more environmentally-friendly options to celebrate their big day or to promote their business.


Not only has a vegan lifestyle been proven to be the single most effective way

a single person can help the environment,

but with all of the information about how animals are treated in the industry,

and the negative impacts on meat, dairy and eggs on our health,

it became something impossible for me to ignore.

In February 2020 I made the transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle,

and ever since I have tried to promote this mission that I've become so passionate about.

I have since introduced a friendly-menu discount for weddings, 

which offers couples a percentage of their wedding, and a discount for vegan small business owners. 


Some great ways for your wedding day to have a more positive impact on the environment are to minimize the travel time and number of locations involved in your day. Our single-venue discount is one thing we have already introduced to promote this decision! But a single venue day isn't the only way your day can have a positive impact on the environment!

While the menu you choose for your wedding day may not seem like it could make a significant impact, you'll likely also be feeding a lot of guests. Even if you only make a vegan meal choice this one day in your life, the average number of guests at a wedding is 120 people... That's a lot of food! Even if you're eloping, every little bit counts, and we love to support any kind of positive impact on animals and the environment.


If you've explored the site a bit, you may have seen a little video called "The Sweet Sanctuary". Creating this video for them was a true honour and we want to keep that warm and fuzzy feeling going! If you have a vegan/cruelty-free business and are looking for promotional photography and/or videography, we would love to help!

This all sounds great, but what's the discount?

Glad you asked!

Discounts will depend on the services needed so get in touch and find out more!