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relive the                        of your day


with a wedding film that feels like a


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4-5 Minute
Wedding Film

for couples who want more than just a wedding video

Romantic, ethereal films

Storytelling is not just our business, it's our passion,
and the fact that we get to tell love stories
for a living is a true privilege.

If you're looking for a wedding videographer who will set up a camera on a tripod and press record,
we're not the right fit for you. But if you're looking for a timeless keepsake to look back on for
years to come that truly encompasses the essence of your story and lets you to relive the
emotion you felt on your day, you've come to the right place.

She took our story and went above and beyond to make a video we will treasure forever.
We watch it daily, and I know I cry more watching it than I think I did on the day of our wedding.

- Katie & Mitch

a timeless keepsake

a timeless keepsake

Each couple has a different beginning and a unique story that has
led up to this day. Our mission is not to record your wedding video,
but to bring the magic of your day to life in a wedding film that
captures your essence authentically. and cinematically,
and create a keepsake that will allow you to relive
the emotion over and over again.

We believe a wedding film should not only be seen and heard,
but felt. We create our films, not to depict your day, but to
create an heirloom — something you can use to show
your grandchildren how you fell in love.

See the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.

- William Blake


capturing the essence


You are absolutely a miracle worker. I can’t believe how beautiful and perfect it turned out.
I feel like it
represents us so well! We can't get over how amazing the wedding photos turned out, and the video is absolutely breathtaking. It was truly a reflection of our love
in a way you can't see in pictures.

Andreia & Christian

Capturing you authentically doesn't start on your wedding day.
We take the time to get to know you and the intricate details of your relationship. From the moments that brought you together to the moments that bonded you, getting to know the little things is the first step in how we make your film truly yours.

We believe in this part of our process so deeply that we created "Love Story mini films." These are our gift to you when you book a package with us. They are are filmed before your wedding day and can be used to put on your wedding website, or show to your guests at your reception.


Snowy mountain top

If you’re wanting to be able to relive one of the most important days of your life this is an absolute must! Lexie invests so much time into creating YOUR story. Our video is so us and it captures every important little detail of our wedding. We were blown away at the outcome, this is not just a wedding “video” that she creates, it is a wedding movie! Something you will always be able to look back on. I’ve honestly watched ours dozens of times and I cry each time. 

Samantha & Dakota

You are absolutely a miracle worker, I can’t believe how beautiful
and perfect it turned out.I feel like it represents us so well!!!! 

- Andreia & Christian

behind the scenes

It's impossible to state that one aspect of filmmaking is more important than the next, simply because each element ebbs and flows with the other. That's why every piece of your film is carefully curated. From sounds of wind in the trees, to artful cinematography and composition, everything is done with intention and is what gives your film life.

Creating a timeless keepsake begins with you. Taking the time to chat over coffee or wine dates and go over your vision for your film allows us to create a framework and build a relationship so you can feel comfortable letting yourself relax and sink in to the day, knowing we are capturing every moment. As your wedding filmmakers, we encourage you to take a deep breath and let each moment in.

After capturing the magic on your wedding day, our job is only beginning. In fact, a majority of the hours it takes to create your wedding film are spent in the editing room finding the right sequence to tell your story, sifting through hundreds of songs before finding the perfect few that truly encompass the emotion, and splicing all these elements together in a way that separates a film from a video.

More than just brightness and contrast. Colour grading helps to set the mood and feel of footage. We have honed a set of custom presets that are a big part of what makes your film look like a movie.

Sound gives your film life. It's what makes you feel your film versus simply seeing it. The sound of the stream beside your childhood house where you're getting ready, the wind in the trees. Sound and music set the tone. It can change your mood and shape your feelings. We invest the time it takes into finding the right sounds to tell your story. and bring out the emotion of each moment.


"Lexie is a very thoughtful and intentional filmmaker, she told our story so beautifully
and we just cannot say enough good things about her!

Shanel & Kyle

Textured Wall

This is more important than expensive flowers or centrepieces this is something you will have forever and something you will be able to share with people for years to come. I am 150% beyond satisfied and would recommend Lexie to anyone and everyone. If this is something you’re on the fence about let me be the first one to tell you DO IT! You will not regret it! Lexie we super appreciate all your hard work and all the time you dedicated into making our video perfect, your passion and talent truly shine through your work.

Samantha & Dakota

red carpet experience
Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet


Make your guests feel like VIPs

as they enter your reception on the red

carpet. We'll interview them and record their best wishes to you, then add it to a "Special Features" section of your wedding film.



4-5 Minute
Wedding Film


15% Off All Items

6-8 minute
Wedding Film
Ceremony or Speeches

Since most of the magic happens in the editing room, instead of basing our packages on the number of hours we spend with you during your wedding day, we instead base them on the length of film. 

Due to the love, passion and personal touch we apply to every film,
we only capture 10-15 weddings a year.