cinematic colour grading

& editing

This is more than adjusting brightness and contrast. Colour grading helps sets the mood and feel of footage, and is a big part of how I make your film look like a movie.

I have refined a set of customized presets that give my films a cinematic look.


with a wedding film that feels like a


relive the                        of your day

Most wedding packages are based on hours and can often make you feel rushed like you have to race to the finish line.

I want to take the stress of capturing your memories away, so I do things a little differently...

Wedding Cinematography, Ottawa

Save the Date Videos & Love Stories
The experience with us ...



Love Story mini films are my gift to you when you book your date!

A big part of making your story the heart of your film is getting to know you beforehand, and building a relationship that allows us to laugh and have fun on your wedding day.

These sessions let us get to know each other in a more relaxed environment, allow me to see what poses look best and what directions make you smile!

Whether it's being silly together, intimate romantic stares or genuine laughter that make your relationship special,

I want to capture you in the moment, as authentically as possible. 


smoke bombs

The smoke bombs I use are non-toxic and don't stain. They wash away easily with water or a bit of rain, but I always touch base with your venue before your wedding day to get the okay from them!

Save the Date Videos & Love Stories

professional audio

From your vows to the heart-felt speeches by your friends and family, I make sure to capture the audio of your day with easily hidden lav microphones and equipment that records straight from your dj's sound board!


emotion evoking music

Music sets the tone for a whole scene. It can change your mood and shape your feelings.

I invest the time it takes into finding the right songs to tell your story and bring out the emotion of each moment.

This can include the sound of the stream beside your childhood house where you're getting ready, an ethereal melody as you take your first dance, the sound of leaves as they're rustled by the wind, or even no song at all as you relive the quiet moment of reading your partner's letter as birds chirped outside in the background.

listen to some of my

favourite musical scenes

Save the Date Videos & Love Stories

Absolutely beautiful!

If you’re wanting to be able to relive one of the most important days of your life this is an absolute must! Lexie invests so much time into creating YOUR story, our video is so us and it captures every important little detail of our wedding. We were blown away at the outcome, this is not just a wedding “video” that she creates it a wedding movie! Something you will always be able to look back on. I’ve honestly watched ours dozens of times and I cry each time. Lexie is wonderful to work with and is super easy to get along with. 

This is more important than expensive flowers or centrepieces this is something you will have forever and something you will be able to share with people for years to come. I am 150% beyond satisfied and would recommend Lexie to anyone and everyone. If this is something you’re on the fence about let me be the first one to tell you DO IT! You will not regret it! Lexie we super appreciate all your hard work and all the time you dedicated into making our video perfect, your passion and talent truly shine through your work.


Tired of trying to compromise on capturing your memories or have to squeeze your events into a 6 or 8 hour day.  When things are crunched for time, that can not only hinder my ability to make you a great film, but it can make you feel like you need to rush through important moments to get to the finish line.

Your wedding day will flash before your eyes, so I want you to savour every moment of it without having to keep an eye on the clock.

Capturing you authentically in the moment means slowing down for those moments — it means taking a deep breath and letting that moment in.



So instead of offering hour-based packages, I invite you to invest in a film.

All Packages Include

Full-day coverage

to capture the moments you plan as well as the ones you don't

more info

2 Filmmakers

to capture everything from everywhere

meet Lexie

A Love Story mini film

(save the date video)

more info

Smoke Bombs

to add a little more magic to your day

more info

Drone Footage

more info

Professional Audio Recording

works best with Morgan Freeman as your officiant

Instagram Teaser


to help retell the emotion of your day

Cinematic Colour Grading & Editing

to make your wedding film look and feel like a movie

Delivery via Online Private Folder

so you can see it as soon as it's done and save it to whatever device you'd like

starting at $3,400, tax included

The Enchanted

7-8 Minute Wedding Film

The Fairytale


10-12 Minute Wedding Film

The Sweetheart

4-5 Minute Wedding Film

Film Collections


Like our films? Pricing starts at $3,400 for local weddings

Includes Orchard View, Bean Town Ranch, Evermore, Stonefields, Le Belvedere, Temples Sugar Bush, Domaine Perrault Vineyard, and other venues in and around Ottawa. 

For weddings outside of Ottawa, pricing starts at $3,800, tax included 

Feature Edit

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Add ons

Full Ceremony

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Full Speeches

more info

Full Dances

more info


add a dramatic twist to your video or photos. Confetti cannons can be a great way to liven up your portrait session or your reception entrance. The confetti canons we use are beautiful and fluttery, eco-friendly and dissolve quickly in water


Create a beautiful wedding exit as your wedding party lights a tunnel of sparklers for you to run through together. If your first dance is outside, I also love to suggest a sparkler-lit first dance!


Raw Footage

more info


Begin your wedding journey!

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