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One of my past couples tells you why having a wedding film is a must.

Even though you spend so much time planning it, your wedding day will go by so quickly. There will be moments you didn't realize were happening, moments you didn't expect, and so much emotion that can only be preserved through film and photographs.


While photos preserve a moment in a single frame,

a wedding film preserves the emotions,

the movement, the noise

and the excitement.

From the moment you contact me, to the day you receive your final film or photos, I am invested in you completely. I put my heart and soul into giving you the best experience, bringing the best equipment, and delivering a product that will make you cry happy tears.


I combine professional, full-frame cameras,

gimbals and amazing lenses with my creative eye,

cinematic editing skills, and training as a filmmaker

to apply my love for storytelling into creating something

truly personal and unique.

I believe the value of my packages are in the highlight films, and therefore am not there to simply video tape your wedding and deliver a cut and dry edit.

Each film consists of carefully chosen music,

editing and colour grading the footage we shoot

into a cinematic story that feels like a movie.

To quote one of my previous brides,

"This is more important than expensive flowers or centrepieces.

This is something you will have forever

and something you will be able to share with people

for years to come."

When you invest in me, I invest in you.









All of our packages include:

a save the date video

8-12 hours of coverage

a 5-10 minute highlight film

a drone

Additional Deliverables

while we believe our value is in our highlight films,

we do offer additional deliverables such as

the full, uncut ceremony, the first dance, mother-son and father-daughter dance and the full speeches

All of our packages include:

an engagement session

7-12 hours of coverage

200-800 edited photos

a drone

our photos

** NEW **

Now offering add ons including eco-friendly, biodegradable confetti cannons, non-toxic smoke grenades and sparkles to add a special something to your day.

Have any questions so far? Feel free to reach out to us or visit our FAQ page.


If you want your love story captured in a film with emotion evoking music, cinematic colour grading and editing, and a creative, friendly team, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and we will get in touch within 24 hours.


Save the Date Video ............. $300

Love Story ............................ $200

Save the Date and Love Story Bundle

............................................... $400

Engagement Photography ..... $300


Want to try us out before you commit? Book us for your save the date video, love story or engagement photos to get a taste of what the experience will be like with us on your wedding day.

The best part? Save the date videos and engagement photos are included in every package so if you decide to book us for your wedding day, the price of your engagement session or save the date video will be discounted from your total package price.

Begin your wedding journey!

We would love to know what brought you here and what you are looking for in your wedding film or photos.


Full day packages start at $3,400, tax included

Check all that apply to your day.

Please include all the information you know about your wedding day so far. Feel free to include details about anything special or unusual happening throughout your day and anything else you think is important. Some helpful information to help find the right package for you is included below.

* Location of hair and makeup

* Location of groom getting ready

* Location of reception


Smoke Grenades .... starting at $16

Create a dreamy, fairytale effect in your wedding video and photos as coloured smoke billows around you. The smoke grenades are available in a variety of colours including white. The smoke we use is non-toxic and washes away with water.

Confetti Cannons ............. $15/each

Add a dramatic twist to your video or photos. Confetti cannons can be a great way to liven up your walk back down the aisle once you're married, your portrait session, or even your reception entrance. The confetti canons we use are beautiful and fluttery, eco-friendly and dissolve quickly in water.

Sparklers ............................ starting at $16

Create a beautiful wedding exit as your wedding party lights a tunnel of sparklers for you to run through together.