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Unique Engagement Photography Locations in Ottawa

Here's a list of little pockets of heaven inside a busy city. These can all make for great places and there's always new shots and pockets to be found, but I also LOVE shooting in new locations so feel free to suggest something! But if you're at a loss, here are some of my suggestions!

The Venue

A great place to start so that your engagement photos can have the same theme as their wedding photos is to do the session at your wedding venue.

Most wedding venues will allow you to come on a weekday when they don't have another wedding!

This option isn't for everyone as sometimes you want your wedding photos to be different from your engagement photos, but it's definitely an option!

Bean Town Ranch Engagement Session

Please excuse the big, not so attractive watermark!

While I've only done a venue engagement session once, it opened my eyes to this possibility.

The pros: You get the venue all to yourself! It can also give you and your photographer some creative ideas of what photos might be possible that you haven't seen in their gallery from past weddings!

Princess Louise Falls

If you're looking for a waterfall, one of my new favourite locations

for engagement sessions is Princess Louise Falls.

The pros: Well c'mon, it's a WATERFALL. It also has a lot of photographic possibilities like shooting from bottom level, mid level, or even from on top of the water fall. It also has some beautiful foliage around it so you can get more variety in your photos in one location.

The cons: Parking can be a little tricky and it's a bit of a hike to get to, given I've only been once so maybe there's a trick to it! It's also a bit tricky to catch it in the sun, and it's quite a popular location as well, but if you can find a beautiful, quiet day, it can make for some epic shots!

The Ottawa Experimental Farm

Since the experimental farm is a popular place for engagement photos,

I like to find small pockets of nature that can make you feel like you're the only two people in the world.

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Luskville Falls

My favourite place to go for a couple who is wild and free.

It has a beautiful landscape with cat tails and tall grass,

and is just a short hike to the waterfall.

Tip: The waterfall doesn't flow all year round, so if you're aiming for water, September is a good month to go!

(fast-forward to 0:55 for pretty stuff!)

Where you got engaged!

Since I'm all about storytelling, especially for love story mini films (video above),

I love to do an engagement session where the couple got engaged.

One of the places I've done this is Britannia Beach!

Downtown Ottawa