hen I was in kindergarten, my teacher told us that if we didn't learn how to read by grade one, we would be behind. That.           night, I begged my mom to teach me how to read, and ever since, I have been obsessed with stories.

According to my mom, I always wanted to be an author. She would find loose papers with half a story on them all around the house. One of the titles was "The Mystery of the Old Heart Museum".

But even though I was writing page after page of beginnings, I could never finish a story and never understood why.

Then a few things happened...

1. At twelve I attended a writing workshop with an author who said the words "an object could be anything"...

2. I got an idea for a novel series of my own

3. I started writing

I had a creative vision, but even though the idea was original, I still couldn't figure out where to put the story points in a way that kept the reader engaged and interested.

That's when I really started studying story structure.


Studying scriptwriting

Understanding the elements of story structure 

Even though the idea was original, creative and unlike anything I'd ever read before, I still couldn't figure out  

3. I started studying the story structure 

The idea was original, creative, 


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